There is never a dull moment on our 55 acre farm. From prepping the field & planting flowers, feeding our cows & chickens, building a new deck, a new greenhouse and a million planter boxes, we definitely wouldn't change a thing!


     Jennifer & Mark Welch - Owners of Acre 55 Farm


We currently have 29 varieties of peonies (about 400 plants) on our farm. We also have many other varieties of flowers that we cant wait to share with you!




Sometimes Mother Nature can have a day (or three) that makes you so frustrated, cry for hours and second guess if starting a flower farm was the right path to take. We had just prepped and planted a garden when our pond and the creek that runs through our property flooded due to hours of rain. The plants needed water but inches of it was too much. Then about 2 months later, I had finished planting another garden and it flooded again. Third times a charm right? Third garden - flood number 3. I'm not sure if it was just a fluke or just bad luck this year as it didn't flood once the year before. We decided that where we were planting was not the best place, so now we are in the process of moving them to the main flower field in one of our many above ground garden boxes.




When we purchased our house, there were major structural issues with the deck and we were told that it would need to be completely removed and re-built. So, we had someone come in and tear it off and install a ledger board. We then went about building a new deck. We also changed out the beige siding for white and had all new black frame windows installed. The deck is one of our favorite places to be, especially on a clear night when you can see a zillion stars! 


Besides the deck, the new greenhouse has to be one of my favorite things I that mu husband and I built. See that beam way on top? My husband and I constructed that and installed it ourselves! What a chore - it was heavy!! Besides building the greenhouse, I can also add installing windows, siding and flooring to my credentials. I cant wait to have Girl's Nights, U-Pick Bouquet events and Peony classes in it.*        

*Stay tuned for details and signup dates on our Upcoming Events page.